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EFAD in support of the Slovenian Film Centre

EFAD would like to express its solidarity with the Slovenian Film Centre that has been facing administrative difficulties over the past months, preventing it from providing its support to Slovenian film productions.

Projects that have already been accepted as well as projects that have already completed their contractual obligations were not able to receive the planned funding support. This deadlock that has arisen in 2020 resulted in a halt of funding distribution, endangering film production in Slovenia. This blocked situation, happening when the sector is tremendously suffering from an unprecedented crisis, is unbearable for already weakened Slovenian film producers and their entire crews, from the technical to creative and talent staff, who cannot be paid.

We are very concerned about the issues faced by the Slovenian Film Centre to distribute its film funding. The SFC is not only a key partner for the EFAD but also a major contributor to European cinema and coproductions – such as Oasis by Ivan Ikič, Revenge by Marija Zidar, Morena by Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic and Pink Moon by Floor van der Meulen, to name just a few. At a time when it is vital to see new European films produced and released, we need the SFC to be able to fully carry out its mission and to actively support the Slovenian film and audiovisual industry. We hope that a solution will be found as quickly as possible”, declared Luis Chaby Vaz, EFAD President.

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