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EU Policy and Strategy

In early 2019 the EU Policy and Strategy Working Group became the central place in the EFAD to reflect, discuss and elaborate on all core legislative areas of European film policy – building on the work of the former Digital and Copyright Working Group. Our policy engagement ranges from audiovisual regulation, copyright and its enforcement, state aid and EU funding programmes to coproduction and ecological sustainability – it basically focusses on all audiovisual topics that are discussed with and among the EU institutions.

The EU Policy and Strategy Working Group is chaired by Bérénice Honold, Advisor International and European affairs at the German Federal Film Board (FFA). Honold 7

"In these challenging times, it has become even more important to join forces and to find concerted solutions in order to strengthen the European film industry. On behalf of EFAD members, the EU Policy and Strategy Working Group is focusing on possible common approaches and elaborating priorities and strategies on how to improve the situation of independent film companies, who are essential to our cultural diversity and the backbone of democracy."



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