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CAACI and EFADs outline common objectives in Toulouse

The EFADs (European Film Agency Directors) and the CAACI (Conferencia de Autoridades Cinematográficas de Iberoamérica) delegations met in Toulouse on the 15th and 16th April, during the 28th edition of Cinelatino Festival. Over the two days, the organizations shared common views on the importance of cultural diversity, identity and intercultural dialogue, which is why their partnership is essential for both regions and will be a priority in the coming years.

During the discussions, the Latin American and European film agencies emphasised the importance of film not just as an economic good but also a cultural one and of the role of government and public funding in fostering cultural diversity. Moreover, they emphasised the importance of creating an environment favourable to the development of a sustainable film sector and to co-productions between their two continents. They raised concerns about the Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy in this respect, the need for more cooperation and exchange on the regulatory frameworks for the audiovisual and VoD market, and the importance of creating a level playing field amongst all operators. CAACI members welcomed the opening of the Council of Europe Convention on cinematographic coproduction to non-member States and evoked the possibility of having a similar agreement for European films in Latin America.

CAACI and EFADs delegates agreed to the following:

  • To explore avenues for joint activities on digital issues, for example in relation to the European Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy which was published in May 2015.
  • To encourage artistic co-productions and their distribution, especially minority co-productions for instance.
  • To reinforce the broadcast of both European and Latino films on European television.
  • To explore the possibility of launching common funding schemes focused on the co-development of films between their two continents.
  • To speak together on common issues by working hand in hand on staying vigilant when it comes to protecting and promoting cultural diversity.
  • To work together to advocate in favour of reintroducing the MEDIA Mundus scheme.Both organisations insisted on how instrumental the MEDIA programme has been in encouraging the cross border circulation of works and exchange of professionals between Europe and Latin America. They regret the decision to end Media Mundus.

In order to re-discuss these matters, EFADs and CAACI have agreed to meet twice a year. They will also explore the possibility of granting “observer status” to a delegate from each association who will be able to attend EFADs and CACI plenary meetings.

For more information, please find statements in English, French and Spanish.

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