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The Film Center Serbia joins EFAD

The Film Center Serbia has become the 33rd member of the European association of Film Agencies, EFAD, as of January 2019.

Film Center Serbia joins the EFADs as an associate member, a status open to any film agency located in a country member of the Council of Europe. It allows it to take part in all activities of the association and have partial voting rights.

Joining the EFADs is not only an organic step forward in our international developments, but also a consequence of the palpable growth of our activities and recognition in the country and abroad.  We are looking forward to give our best for better understanding, collaborating and exchanging ideas and good practices in the field of audio-visual and film support policies as well as on the challenges of cinema in digital era, copyright, fight against piracy and film education issues” declared Boban Jevtić, Director of the Film Center Serbia.

We are delighted to welcome our Serbian colleagues within our association. With the new possibility to become an associate member, the EFADs membership can be expanded to Film Agencies from all over the European continent” commented Luis Chaby Vaz, President of the EFADs.

About Film Center Serbia

Film Center Serbia is a governmental body aiming at:

  • To creatively stimulate and administer financial support to the Serbian Film Industry;
  • To create a legal and administrative framework for the development and transformation of the film industry while upholding the standards of European Union;
  • To allow for distribution and copyright enforcement of the cinematic cultural heritage;
  • To create better conditions for adjustment and continual professional advancement of all Serbian film industry players.

FILM CENTER SERBIA has several scheme supports for financing and co-financing the preparation, development, production, distribution and display of national films and minority co-productions. Serbia produces between 20 and 38 feature films per year, including minority and majority coproductions.

Enterprise number BE 0599.781.484 | EU Transparency Register number: 430805515370-85