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Icelandic Film Centre

  • Name in local language: Kvikmyndamidstod Íslands
  • Country: Iceland
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    Icelandic Film Centre
    Hverfisgata 54
    101 Reykjavik

    (+354) 562 3580
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    Kvikmyndamiðstöð Íslands / Icelandic Film Centre
    A Hverfisgata 54, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland 
    T M +354 820 4967
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The Icelandic Film Centre plays a key role in the vibrant Icelandic film industry, through its financial support scheme, international promotion of the Icelandic cinema and other initiatives intended to further develop film making and film culture in Iceland.



CORE ACTIVITIES: The Icelandic Film Centre funds Icelandic films and promotes them abroad. Additionally, and crucial to the development of new generations of filmmakers, The Icelandic Film Centre also enthusiastically nurtures film culture in Iceland by supporting domestic film festivals, seminars and workshops where foreign and local professionals collaborate in both film and television.


FUNDING: The Icelandic Film Fund operates under the auspices of the Icelandic Film Centre. The role of the Icelandic Film Fund is to further Icelandic filmmaking by providing financial support. A project supported by the Icelandic Film Fund must have connections with Icelandic culture unless special cultural grounds exist for deciding otherwise. 

Grants made by the Icelandic Film Fund are divided among the various branches of filmmaking as follows:

  • Full-length feature films
  • Documentaries
  • Short films
  • Television fiction
  • Minority co-productions
  • Promotion of Icelandic films

Grants from the Icelandic Film Fund can be made to support the writing of manuscripts, film development, production, post-production and promotion.

Enterprise number BE 0599.781.484 | EU Transparency Register number: 430805515370-85