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Slovak Audiovisual Fund

  • Name in local language: Audiovizuálny fond
  • Country: Slovakia
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    Audiovizuálny fond
    Grösslingová 53
    811 09 Bratislava
    Slovenská republika

    Secretariat: +421 (2) 5923 4545

    Fax: +421 (2) 5923 4461

    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The support of audiovisual industry in Slovakia changed fundamentally in 2010, when the Slovak Audiovisual Fund started its full operation. The Fund replaces the former grant system of the Ministry of Culture “Audiovision”. In position of a selfgoverning public institution managed by professional administrative bodies, the Fund represents a new type of institution in the cultural policy of the Slovak Republic.The Fund has the following essential goals:

  • increase finances in the audiovisual culture and industry,
  • flexibility of the financial support and its effective use,
  • accountability of the support receivers,
  • extended forms of support  (grants, loans and stipends are available),
  • support to all parts of the film value chain: development, production, distribution, promotion and sales, festivals and other events,cinemas,research,education, publishing, workshops, etc., development of the Slovak audiovisual industry and its infrastructure,
  • transparent and professional decision making.


Slovak Audiovisual Fund has launched its organisational unit, the Slovak Film Commission (SFC), in order to promote Slovakia and its regions as a “film-friendly country” with the aim to become a more attractive and accessible partner for foreign film productions or domestic investors. Connecting professionals and providing expert guidance, the Slovak Film Commission is there for anyone seeking to create audiovisual content in Slovakia, whether it be a feature, a documentary, animation, TV series or a commercial. 

Enterprise number BE 0599.781.484 | EU Transparency Register number: 430805515370-85