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Coproduction agreements
Open Method of Coordination on coproductions
  • On 27 November 2018, the Council of the EU adopted the 2019-2022 Work Plan for Culture. It foresees the establishment of an Open Method of Coordination (OMC) expert group on co-productions in the audiovisual sector. The task of this OMC group set out in the Council Work Plan for Culture, is the following: “In order to stimulate co-productions, policy recommendations and incentives for co-productions in legal frameworks and audiovisual support schemes will be developed.” The group – made of experts appointed by the Member States – will meet approximately four times over a period of about one year and a half.
  • This group is also mentioned in the latest Council conclusions on coproductions (see in particular para 11 and 12): “The group should build on the work of the OMC expert group on the circulation of European films and is expected to assess more specifically the issue of co-productions, including with non-EU countries, and report to the Council with concrete recommendations”.
  • OMC draft procedures here
First meeting on 21 June 2019
Second meeting on 18 December 2019