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EFADs paper highlights need for a strategy on the promotion and distribution of European films internationally

The EFADs published a paper today outlining a set of actions to help better promote European films to the world and increase exports outside of Europe. The paper was developed following an EFADs roundtable discussion attended by the European Commission, film promotion agencies, national film bodies and other representatives of the European audiovisual sector at this year’s 70th Cannes Film Festival.

The EFADs paper highlights that whilst Europe is a production giant in film, it has not yet reached its full potential in terms of exports of that content. It identifies that a clear and more streamlined European strategy is needed to realise this potential, bringing together the efforts of organisations at national, European and international level, such as MEDIA, ACP Culture+, Eurimages and national film funders, to ensure they work in unison.

The paper outlines 10 actionable solutions which should be included in this strategy to drive exports in the future:

  1. At European level, the European Commission was encouraged to relaunch a dedicated scheme to support operators in third countries to release, distribute, and promote European works more actively.
  2. Support initiatives which pool knowledge and best practices on promoting European works in specific markets worldwide. More information sharing is necessary to enhance our understanding of the audiences in specific markets and to develop effective region-specific export strategies.
  3. Test the feasibility of a European cinema label/brand. Create a “European Cinema” brand, so that audiences worldwide recognise that films have a European origin. This will enhance visibility and ensure niche markets are exploited worldwide.
  4. Support initiatives to improve collaboration and develop networks between experts, distributors and festivals around the world. Boost cooperation between film promotion agencies and collaborate with key non-EU markets to work together to tailor promotion. Creative Europe MEDIA should facilitate dialogue and cooperation across the value chain.
  5. National and European funding tailored to each region and which identifies and supports European films which have the most potential for success. This would include building on European gems selected in film festivals in Europe and beyond.
  6. Use existing and establish new film festivals around the world to promote European works. This could include putting together a collection of European arthouse movies to showcase at existing festivals.
  7. Support and cooperate with VoD platforms in non-EU countries interested in buying European films.
  8. Support initiatives which target young audiences, such as events, promotion via social media and film education activities involving universities and schools.
  9. Support the involvement and movement of talents to promote European films in non-EU countries.
  10. A European resource dedicated to facilitating access to promotional material. Pictures and trailers of films could be made available on an online platform for export purposes.

EFADs Vice-President and Managing Director of Film Fund Luxembourg, Guy Daleiden said: “We made solid progress getting the key European players around a table to identify what needs to be done. With the mid-term review of the Creative Europe programme underway and discussions taking place about the MEDIA programme after 2020, now is a good time to agree an action plan and pool our knowledge and best practices to begin to develop a distinct brand for European cinema.”

Press Release

Paper on the EFADs-MEDIA Export Roundtable in Cannes

About the Roundtable

The roundtable brought together public and private actors to explore best practices and concrete solutions to better export, and for this purpose, better promote and distribute European films in the world. The roundtable was moderated by Frédéric Bereyziat (Deputy Director, UniFrance).

Speakers included Giuseppe Abbamonte (Director MEDIA and Data, European Commission), Christian Bräuer (CEO, AG Kino and Secretary General, Europa Cinemas), Guy Daleiden (Managing Director, Film Fund Luxembourg and Vice-Chair, EFADs), Daniela Elstner (Managing Director, Doc & Film International), MEP Evelyne Gebhardt (Vice-President, European Parliament), Marianna Ibragimova (Director General, P&I Film), Martin Kanzler (Film Industry Analyst, European Audiovisual Observatory), Richard Lorber (CEO, Kino Lorber), Daniel Melamed (Executive Director, New Cinema Ltd), Roberto Olla (Executive Director, Eurimages), Lucia Recalde (Head of MEDIA, European Commission), Martin Schweighofer (President, European Film Promotion), Christophe Tardieu (Director General, CNC), Jaime Tarrazon (Federación de Cines de España), Catherine Trautmann (President, Eurimages), Loïc Wong (Director of Cinema, Institut français), and Benjamin Zeccola (CEO, Palace Films)

More information on the roundtable can be found here.

About the EFADs

The EFADs brings together the Directors of European Film Agencies in 31 countries in Europe (EU, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland). We represent government or government associated public bodies, in charge of national funding for the audiovisual sector and with the responsibility to advise or regulate on all aspects of audiovisual policies. In total, the EFADs members and their governments fund around three billion Euros every year through subsidies and tax reliefs with a view to fostering the creation, production, promotion, distribution, and exhibition of European audiovisual and cinematographic works.


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