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The Film Centre of Montenegro becomes the 35th EFAD member

The Film Centre of Montenegro has joined the EFAD, the European association of national Film Agencies, as of January 2020. The Film Centre of Montenegro joins as an associate member, a status open to any film agency located in a country member of the Council of Europe. It allows it to take part in all activities of the association and have partial voting rights.

Sehad Cekic            “In our pursuit of ever greater international recognition of work we have been doing, the EFAD association membership comes as a confirmation of our quality on various levels. We see EFAD as important platform for advocating the most important issues at European level and as one of the best places for exchanging knowledge and best practices. The Film Centre of Montenegro is looking forward to contributing to all EFAD reflections and initiatives on the audiovisual policies and sectors’ challenges such as copyright, digital transformation, piracy and film literacy.” declared Sehad Čekić, Director of the Film Centre of Montenegro.


About The Film Centre of Montenegro

The Film Centre of Montenegro is a public institution, established in 2017 with the aim of creating the proper, stimulating environment for the Montenegrin film community and its promotion to Europe and the world.
Its main activities include: the management of the film fund; the support of new film productions; the promotion of Montenegrin cinema and its potential for international productions; training programmes for film professionals directed towards raising the level of their professional skills; as well as the series of activities around film festivals and film literacy. The Centre is also focused on promotion of Montenegrin filming locations and administrates the process of Cash Rebate programme. Montenegro is member of MEDIA and Eurimages.

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