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EFAD-CAACI partnership: third joint co-development grant awarded to "La Llorona"

On September 26th, the third EFADs-CAACI joint grantsupporting the development of a European-Latin American co-productionwas awarded to "La Llorona".

The project is directed by Jayro Bustamante, whose previous and first film, “Ixcanul”,and his second film “Tremblements”, were supported by the French world fund for coproduction, Aide aux cinémas du monde.

“La Llorona”isproduced by Gustavo Matheu, of La Casa de Producción (Guatemala).

This new version of a popular story deals with the victims of the Guatemalan Civil War and touches on the domestic and sexual slavery of indigenous women, misogyny, classism, religiosity, mysticism and magical realism.The purpose of the €20,000 grant is to encourage more collaboration and to increase the number of genuine co-productions between Latin America and Europe. The selection of the project was made by an independent jury consisting of Laufey Gudjonsdottir, Director of the Icelandic Film Center (EFADsrepresentative), Iker Ganuza, Producer at Lamia Films, (San Sebastián Festival representative) and José Miguel Álvarez Ibargüengoitia, Production Director at IMCINE, Mexico (CACI representative).

The San Sebastián Festival also played host to the traditional joint meeting between the EuropeanFilm Association Directors (EFADs),the Conference of Ibero-American CinematographicAuthorities (CACI)and the regions’ respective industries discussingcommon challenges and recommendingsolutionsthat will serve as a basis forfuture joint action between both areas’ Film Centres.In the debate-moderated by Variety’s John Hopewell-the representatives of the cinematographic institutions had the opportunity to engage with producers and distributors on some of the aspects of the cinematographic support strategies that could be improved.Examples includedthe need to involve new generations(both professionals and audiences)and the need to consider simplifying the rules that apply to co-productions, both in Latin America and in Europe.

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